You can book any of the activities or tours ahead of time by writing us an email, calling us or writing an SMS (Whatsapp works too).

Be aware that not all activities and tours are available at all times, some depend on the season.

Discovering life on the farm

Local cuisine  |  2 meals

20€ for one person

We offer you local dishes, made with local ingredients like whitefish, perch or pike from the local Lijankijärvi or mutton from our own sheep.

We prepare the food ourselves and if you have special wishes or allergies we can take that into regard.

Included in this offer are brunch and dinner.


20€ for one person
10€ for each additional person

Try out one of Finlands ancient traditions and exhaust yourself in our fire-heated sauna.

You will receive towels from us and can enjoy the sauna as long as you want.

Equipment rental

10€ for Skis/Snowshoes per day
5€ for clothing per day

Whether you are looking for winterclothing, shoes, rainclothing or other equipment we will help you out.

For skis or snowshoes you can ask us and we will find something that fits your needs.

Make your own spoon  |  2h

50€ for one person

Woodworking is one of the most intricate handcrafts. Use your skill with axes, saws and knives to make a truly unique spoon to take home with you.

At request you can also work with local materials, such as reindeer bones and antlers.

Shamanism basics  |  2h

60€ for one person
20€ for each additional person

Nature here has a transcendent quality to it. When you come here you can feel it and when you stay here it becomes a part of you.

In this workshop we will do singing exercises and a journey with the shaman drum.

Afterwards you will be able to share your experiences over a cup of tea.

Foraging  |  2h

40€ for one person
15€ for each additional person

There is amazing opportunities to go foraging in Sámiland. You can find cranberries, lingonberries, blueberries and the rare cloudberries (see picture), as well as boletus, milk-cap, morrels and many more edible mushrooms.

We can prepare everything we find the same day or you can dry some mushrooms and take them home.

Guided Tours
Discover Sámiland together

Jyppyrä and Nature Center  |  4h

90€ for one person
30€ for each additional person

On this trip we will drive 20 minutes by car, go on a hike to Jyppyrä fjell and visit the Hetta Nature Center afterwards. 

Inside the Nature Center is an exhibition about Sámi livelyhood and culture. Ask your guide for information or read the texts in the Center.

There is also the Café Peura where we can have a coffee and even lunch.

Lijanki Roundtrip  |  4h or 2h

70€ for one person
25€ for each additional person
Half price for 2 hours

We will take a hike up to Lijankivaara fjell, afterwards we will visit Lijankijärvi lake. At the half way point we will take a brake with some drinks and a little snack.

This hike is great to learn the paths around, afterwards you should be able to hike everywhere on your own.

If you only want to visit one location, the hike takes 2 hours.

Trip to Jierstavaara  |  6h

100€ for one person
40€ for each additional person

A trip to Jierstavaara is the perfect opportunity to spot some reindeer.

We will take the car to Näkkälä and from there walk up to Jierstavaara. This is where reindeer gather in summer time to avoid insects. From here you will have brilliant view over the whole Pöyrisjärvi area.

We will take a lunch brake at one of the meltwater ponds and then hike back to the starting point.

Reindeerfarm visit and ride  |  4h

100€ for one person

Visit Näkkälä's traditional reindeerfarm and enjoy a serene sleighride over the frozen Syväjärvi lake.

We will take the car to Näkkälä, where you will get on the sleigh. From there we take a 2 km roundtrip over the lake. Afterwards you will be able to hear the story of the traditional reindeerfarm, ask plenty of questions and feed the reindeer by hand.

On request we can also make an ice-fishing trip on the nearby Näkkäläjärvi lake instead of the roundtrip.

Ski to Näkkälä wilderness hut
2 days

300€ for one person
100€ for each additional person

If you want to ski through the silence of our backwoods without meeting anyone, this is the trip for it.

We ski from our house over Lijankijärvi, make our own trails and cross Närpistöjoki to reach Näkkälä's wilderness hut after 12 km.

This will take the whole day. In the wilderness hut we can make a fire, read a book and cook a dinner. After a good nights rest we will follow our tracks back to the house.

This is only suitable for fit individuals that have a basic knowledge of skiing.

Trip to Pöyrisjärvi wilderness hut
2 days

300€ for one person
100€ for each additional person

This hike takes us to the treeless tundra north of Näkkälä. Here the land is without natural obstacles, so wind is the predominant element.

We take a car ride from our house to Näkkälä, from there we start hiking along the ATV-track. We will take a lunch brake at the treeline. We will reach the wilderness hut after 15km. After the hike we have time to rest and prepare food.

The next day we will hike back, in summertime we can take an alternative route over Jierstavaara fjell, where we can experience a spectacular view.

This is suitable for anyone who is physically fit.

Fishing in Lijankijärvi  |  4h

90€ for one person
30€ for each additional person

Learn how to catch, clean and prepare fish from our local lake and enjoy a nice hike and boat trip.

We walk from our house to Lijankijärvi lake, where we take nets and a boat. Rowing to a good spot, we drop the nets and leave them overnight.

The next morning we get up early to check the nets, take the fish out, clean them and bring them back to prepare them as lunch or dinner.

In wintertime we ski to the iceholes, where we pulled the nets under the ice.

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