Enjoy the privacy and comfort of our Private Room

Join us in our Shared Accommodation, where you are at the center of our living, breathing community. 

Find your own Tenting spot, where you can relax and find your inner peace.

You can also park your Camper Van here. We do not have a chemical toilet, but you can use our facilities.


We offer three different types of accomodation, so that everyone can afford to stay with us.

Private Room

100€ per night

You will find comfortable beds and a brilliant view of the forrest from your bedroom window.


Shared Accomodation

35€ per night for one person
25€ for each additional person

There will be a comfortable spot in our living room for you, where you can rest and enjoy the warmth of our fireplace.


Tenting and Camper Vans

20€ per tent
30€ per camper van

Find your own place around our house and let the birds wake you up.

If you come with a camper van, you can use our outhouse and showers, as well as electricity.


Sauna is believed to be an important part of finnish culture for up to 9000 years.

It is a great way to awaken your spirit in the cold winter or after a long journey.

You can enjoy different kinds of löyly (the water thrown on the rocks), as well as refreshing drinks and the smell of the vihta (birch branches) and afterwards cooling in the cool wind or icy snow.

Make sure to join us at a lakeside sauna. We take a walk to Lijankijärvi  to spend an amazing afternoon bathing in the cold of the mountain lake.


Finnish Sauna

20€ for one person
10€ for each additional person

A finnish firesauna, which heats up to 100°C if you want to. 
When you are hot you can get out and enjoy some cold, fresh air outside and watch our sheep or listen to birdsong.


Hot Tub

90€ for one person
30€ for each additional person

A bath in the hot tub is an excellent way to enjoy the surrounding nature, especially when it is cold outside. In wintertime you can even see the northern lights.


Lakeside sauna

90€ for one person
30€ for each additional person

Our Lakeside sauna includes swimming in the lake, a hot tub where you can relax and the sauna itself.


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